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Brainstorming & Planning.

Do you have an idea, but don't have a solid grasp on how to work in out, plan out chapters, or develop? We can help flesh out our thoughts, set up your sections, and figure out how you may build your idea. These sessions will help you to complete a book and chapter outlines enabling you to write strategically, with focus and clarity.


Have you already started writing and completed a draft of your book. We will help you review your draft, ensure that you have made your points, set, developed, and carried-out your themes fully. We will help you re-organize your document so that it flows, has greater clarity, and contains internal consistency. 


We will check and alert you to contextual spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style errors, and plagiarism issues. Copyediting is a very last step, and authors should focus on this just before publication. 


Do you need your book formatted for publication? In this session, we will move your draft into publication form, adding the title, acknowledgment, and copy write pages, formatting the page size, margins, headers, footers, and sections for the book so that the publication will be set up for both e-book and traditional (print) publication.

Traditional & E-Book Publication.

This session is the last step in the publication process. During this phase, we will design/ implement the front and back cover, assign the ISBN numbers and copyright, paper quality, color, distribution channels, and designate price points. 

One necessary component is review proofs to ensure quality. Printed proofs cost are dependent on the number of requested, the number of pages in the publication, paper quality, color, or black/white print, and shipping charge. E-book proofs require the use of specific platforms for viewing. Dependent upon your requirements, you will be sent the appropriate app for viewing. 


Cost & Session Details

The initial consultation is free. In this meeting, the author and editor will establish a working agreement for options and a plan for the book publication. Additional live consultations are billed per hour, charged after the session termination, and rounded to the quarter hour. Please ensure that the editor has a copy of the draft and a list of questions before your meeting to facilitate the briefest possible meeting.

Options are paid upfront. We charge per word as page sizes fluctuate widely based on font and point size, spacing, and margins. We establish prices on the "word count" populated in MS Office word document.   


EDLR offers a variety of options for authors. There is no one-size-fits-all service plan. Thus we work to build a program that fits into your timeline and budget. Additionally, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student, we offer plans to help you No matter where you are at in your process, we can help you present your ideas in the best way possible, whether it's a term paper, research assignment, thesis, are dissertation - we can help! For academic or creative authors looking for an avenue to refine and publish their work, we're here for you as well. Reach out to us for an initial consultation appointment and let us get started on your project.

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